Security/Safety Risk Management consultancy

Objective, independent and professional security/safety advisory and guidance across various subjects to keep your enterprise resilient in the dynamic global security environment.

Security risk assessment

ESRM embedding

Security and Contingency planning

Security auditing

Security Projects

We design, evaluate and implement security projects that address your security needs and support your orgnisational mission.

Contract Management

We partner with our clients when they don’t have full time security manager to provide management services.

Penetration tests

Valuesec will perform authorized simulated physical and cyberattacks to evaluate your current security program and recommend areas of improvements.

ESRM Training

Training packages for different clients that meet your requirements.

Bespoke ESRM Training

ESRM embedding bespoke training that aligns with your specific requirements.

SRA Training

Upskill or reskill with our SRA training programme.
Introduction to a systematic approach of developing a risk profile for your organization and mitigating security risks.

Green fencing solutions

Designed to keep your family and personnel safe from the effects of radiation by converting your electric fence to a green fence.

Security Digitisation

Valuesec will digitize your security functions so as to deliver efficiency and effectiveness in performance of security roles.